Your Confidentiality Guarantee

larking We recognise the sensitivity of respondents providing us with valuable data for the benefit of the survey.

As a firm of Chartered Accountants we understand fully the implications and need for confidentiality in handling our clients’ affairs on a day to day basis. We recognise, however, that you are imparting information which you would not wish to share and we will honour that, and only provide information in a statistical format in which the identity of any individual or small group of businesses can not be identified.

This year, where benchmarked reports will be available for individual groups and organisations, we will only share the information if a minimum number of businesses participate.

On occasions we have used case studies to help bring to life/reflect specific parts of the survey. These are only done in conjunction with the businesses themselves and rely on their additional contribution. No case studies are prepared unless agreed with the specific business in advance – however a number of businesses do volunteer ideas for case studies, and we would welcome any ideas or related information form you to aid this aspect – but again we would liaise with you before even considering extending details to the wider domain and you will be asked to agree any commentary, before anything is released.

Should you have any questions on the treatment and confidentiality of your data please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone 0330 024 0888