2017 Tourism and Leisure Business Survey is now available

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 2017 survey. To download a copy please click here.

Celebrating its 11th year, the independent survey included questions about the short and long term impact of last year’s Brexit vote as well as other issues affecting the tourism sector, including accessibility for disabled visitors.

Businesses across the region from the tourism and leisure sector including restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions as well as retailers in the tourism hotspots participated.

There is a lot of good anecdotal evidence in the tourist sector but this survey provides an opportunity to mark the current trends with a series of valuable statistics. The survey highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the industry as well as its economic benefits to the region. It is not only an important awareness tool used by key decision makers, tourism organisations and government both local and national, but the results can also help participants to create tailored business development plans.  Furthermore, it provides a benchmarking tool to see how businesses compare year on year.

The continued (and growing) support for this survey is very much appreciated, and we would like to thank all those that support us.

Pete Waters executive director of Visit East Anglia said,

“The Tourism Business Survey is an invaluable barometer of how the visitor economy is performing. It highlights issues, and supports our business planning. Crucially, the more businesses which participate in the survey the better and the more authoritative the data.”


As always, we understand and respect the confidentiality of the data provided by businesses for the survey. We do not publish the details of any individual participants to any organisation although for those businesses who provide information we can produce for them a bespoke benchmark report against the sector as a whole. If you would like clarification on our confidentiality guarantee we have more information here or alternatively please call me on 0845 4081732 or email tourism@larking-gowen.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss our policy with you.

Chris Scargill

Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Partner
Larking Gowen

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“ The Tourism Business Surveys are an important barometer of how the industry feels about itself, it highlights the big issues and gives us crucial data to plan the way forward. Its effectiveness and usefulness to the sector is indisputable, and that’s why Visit Norfolk urges everyone to take part.”

“ Hundreds of businesses have already shared their information for the purposes of historic surveys and we have based our reputation on continuing this confidentiality.”