MHA Larking Gowen Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Business Survey Results Seminar update

In light of the current concerns and uncertainties over coronavirus, we, like many other businesses at this time, are taking the matter seriously.  We are reviewing our activities including non-essential meetings and events.

After careful consideration we have taken the decision to defer our upcoming events which included our Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Business Survey Results Seminar, due to take place on 28 April 2020.

We hope to still hold the seminar later in the year, and for this reason we may not release the results of the survey as scheduled, but we will keep everyone who took part in the survey up to date and informed as we go along.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we hope you understand given the current situation.

In the meantime, you can follow us at @LGtourism on Twitter, or sign up here to receive our event and tourism newsletters. Further down this page are testimonials from our ambassadors, and a short video explaining why the survey is important, which might help you decide that you should be part of the 2021 survey too!

Chris Scargill

Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Partner,  MHA Larking Gowen

Sonya Duncan (C) Archant 2020

Sonya Duncan (C) Archant 2020


COVID 19 Impact Survey Report for the Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality sector

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the Tourism sector, leading players in the sector gathered and decided to conduct a survey to asses financial details from across the sector, to establish the true cost of this pandemic. The survey indicates the significant financial consequences of lockdown and the ongoing impact it is having, even with the easing of regulation, enabling businesses to at long last open, and longed for reductions of the social distancing rules. The survey was hosted by MHA Larking Gowen, and supported by;

  • Dr Andy Wood – CEO Adnams
  • Ian Russell MBE – Director Wroxham Barns, Director Visit East of England and Chairman Where to Go in North Norfolk
  • Andrew Hird – Chair of Visit North Norfolk
  • Martin Dupee – Director of both Norfolk & Suffolk Attractions, and Visit East of England
  • Peter Williamson – Chair of Norfolk & Suffolk Tourist Attractions
  • Greg Munford – Chief Executive Director, Richardson’s Boating Holidays and Holiday Parks, and also Chair of British Marine
  • Chris Scargill – Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality Partner, MHA Larking Gowen

Survey findings highlight an estimated 1.8bn income loss in the region due to COVID-19

Key highlights

  • The turnover of the businesses surveyed anticipated income in 2020 to total £189m but latest forecasts, even with June and July openings, to fall to £97m.  If that value is extrapolated, across the whole sector, then the economic value lost to Norfolk and Suffolk would be over £1.8bn.
  • Expectations of sample alone are for lost profits to exceed £26m.
  • Of those businesses surveyed they employed over 2,400 in the high season last year. At the end of May 2020 less than 10% of that number were working.
  • As furlough support reduces, and employer contributions rise, businesses fear up to 22% of staff (518) could be made redundant between July and October alone.

To read the full report, just click here



The launch of the Tourism Business Survey at Roaar! Sonya Duncan (C) Archant 2020


Watch our video below which highlights why our survey is an important tool for the sector.

2020 video image


“As always, we understand and respect the confidentiality of the data provided by businesses for the survey. We do not publish the details of any individual participants to any organisation although for those businesses who provide information we can produce for them a bespoke benchmark report against the sector as a whole. If you would like clarification on our confidentiality guarantee we have more information here or alternatively please call me on 0330 024 0888 or email and we will be happy to discuss our policy with you.”


“The Tourism Business Surveys are an important barometer of how the industry feels about itself, it highlights the big issues and gives us crucial data to plan the way forward. Its effectiveness and usefulness to the sector is indisputable, and that’s why Visit Norfolk urges everyone to take part.” – Visit Norfolk

Hundreds of businesses have already shared their information for the purposes of historic surveys and we have based our reputation on continuing this confidentiality.